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The worst saloon i have ever been .

its completely a big scam if u wanna get a facial done , there is lady from bangladesh who is at reception she wind me up by saying its half price facial for this month and told me its £30 instead of £60
i took the offer and ask her to do my facial , she took me upstairs and covered my eyes and put some music
i could realise that she was only use vipes to cleam my face , upon asking she told me ur eyes are closed so you cant see
and replied saying u will see result

after finishing i couldnt see results
upon complainting the owner promise me another facial from diffferent lady for next day

When i went next day the lady who initially did my facial first said that she cant do my facial again becouse her collegue is not inn
secondly upon urguing that i was ment to come today she give me a appointment for late afternoon

upon going to the appointment the lady called police making false abusive allegation

At the end of day police didnt do anything but in short this lady at the saloon is doing a scam

So please dont visit this saloon    25-10-17